Contact with the IAC

Professional status of contemporary art

Spain has experienced remarkable growth and development of professionalism in the various sectors and job profiles related to the visual arts. In line with the efforts to reach agreement on the Statute of the Artist, it is necessary to expand and advance the articulation of a Statute of Visual Arts Professionals that include curators, critics, cultural managers, educators, mediators and other professionals. Therefore, the objective of this interprofessional working group is the proposal for regularization of the social, business, and fiscal conditions; copyright and intellectual property, training, recruitment and industry self-regulation agreements applied to the various branches of our industry.

  • Coordination

    Javier Peñafiel
  • Coordination

    Federico Castro Comisario. Profesor titular de Historia del Arte de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Margarita Aizpuru Comisaria y crítica de Arte
  • Ricardo Calero Artista
  • Jacinto Lara Artista
  • Elizabeth Child

Artistic practices and education

The new education committee wishes to emphasize the complex tasks they have undertaken. First, the broad spectrum of artistic education curriculum that includes children, secondary, higher and university education, both regulated and non-regulated; training fields as well as professional integration spheres within the art world; for the heterogeneity and diversity of disciplines and issues involved, from artistic training to aesthetic training; from the teaching of art making to the training in interpretation and management. (…)

  • Coordination

    Juan Luis Moraza Artista
  • Darya von Berner Artista
  • Federico Castro Comisario. Profesor titular de Historia del Arte de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Begoña Fernández Cabaleiro Crítica
  • Isidro López-Aparicio Doctor en Bellas Artes Profesor Titular. U.Gr. Miembros de la junta directiva provisional AVA. Presidente del Fine Art European Fórum, PARADOX.
  • Victor del Rio Profesor de la Universidad de Salamanca. Integra el equipo docente del Máster de Estudios Avanzados en Filosofía de esa Universidad. Forma parte del comité asesor del MUSAC y es crítico de arte en El Cultural del diario El Mundo.

New career for the curator

After the panel discussions and conclusions summarized in the document “Definition and functions of the independent curator in Spain and recommendations for practice”, which is already posted on the website of the IAC, a new working group is going to start debating on the issue of curatorship. Because of the cuts being suffered by the arts sector, the professional difficulties of freelance curators will be discussed during this second stage.

To do this, the relations between independent curators and cultural institutions will be reviewed and operational models will be designed that ensure future curatorial team building in the organization of such institutions, thus providing new job opportunities for the curatorial sector.

In view of the great changes taking place in today’s society, another current and crucial topic of reflection would be the study of new exhibition formats and new funding systems much more in line with initiatives that are beginning to work in other areas, such as the new media (audio, video, etc.) music or theater.

  • Coordination

    Gloria Picazo Directora del Centre d’Art la Panera de Lleida
  • Juan Ramon Barbancho Corresponsal de Colaborador de ArtNotes, Art Signal y VideoArt World
  • Helena Hair
  • Ana Carceller
  • Frederic Montornés
  • Miguel Angel Fuentes Historiador y crítico de arte. Colaborador de Art-signal Contemporary Art Magazine y boletín de Arte UMA. Comisario independiente
  • Tania Pardo Comisaria. Directora de la Casa Encendida

Galleries and private collectors before the new inter-trade challenges

This working group will examine the relationships between artists, gallery owners and private collectors in order to foster committment with contemporary art collecting, culture and society; promote increased professionalism to best meet the needs of collecting, and offer more guarantees about the authenticity of works, as well as the reliability of multiple art editions and transparency in transactions. This greater strength and security will be of advantage to the social appreciation of the role of gallery owners and collectors.

Among others, the following issues will be discussed: the reasons for conflict in relationships between artists, collectors and gallery owners; the challenges collectors are facing before new formats and contemporary art practices; the regulation of professional relations between artists, gallery owners, collectors and art institutions; the training and professionalization of gallery owners and collectors; the collaboration to help develop a stronger cultural arts scenario; the search for strategies of action by collectors to play a more active part in the public sphere.

  • Coordination

    Peter Maisterra Director de la Galería Maisterravalbuena
  • Juana de Aizpuru Directora de la Galería Juana de Aizpuru y Comisaria de diferentes exposiciones.
  • Blanchard Rabeca
  • Juan Bonet
  • Francis Cantos
  • Chema de Francisco Director de ESTAMPA, Feria Internacional de Arte Múltiple
  • Mario Legorburu
  • Enrique Valles