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Carlos Aires participa con dos obras en la exposición Come what may en Bruselas

Títulos obras participantes de Carlos: 1. "CARTE D'OR" / 2. Bon Appetit III / 3. Ne Me Quitte Pas (Songs for times of crisis series)

Fechas obras: 1. 2021 / 2. 2021/ 3. 2019

Técnica:  1. Aluminium chain of different colours / 2. Porcelain glassed plates, forex, magnets / 3. Print on cotton paper, golden pins, passepartout, hand-painted wooden frame, antireflective museum glass

Título expo: Come what may
Preview Thursday 9 September: 12.00 - 21.00
Open Friday 10, Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 Sept: 11.00 -19.00
Show runs until October by appointment only
Lugar:  Aeroplastics Contemporary New Project @ "207 VDK". Rue Vanderkindere str. 207 - 1180 Brussels

Link web: https://www.aeroplastics.net/exhibitions/105-come-what-may-project-207-vdk-brussels-be-preview-thursday/overview/


For the inauguration of its new space, Aeroplastics is offering a major exhibition whose title echoes the uncertainty in which our contemporary world is plunged: Come What May. More than thirty artists have been invited to participate, each offering a personal and original reflection on the challenges that humanity must face today, whether they are ecological, social, human or economic in nature. However, it is not a question of producing a manifesto or a plea: the event is above all an opportunity to reaffirm the aesthetic line followed by Aeroplastics since its beginnings, characterised by a taste for audacity and experimentation, diversity, the hidden meaning of images and words, but also humour and the second degree. The paintings, sculptures, videos, drawings, photos and installations gathered here do not claim to provide answers to the questions raised by the present or future chaos, but invite an open-mindedness that, it is not forbidden to dream, could help to change the course of things.

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